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WIIS-Canada is Canada’s premier organization advancing women’s leadership in the field of international peace and security. 

We have a deep commitment to nurturing an intersectional approach to who is involved in the efforts towards international security. We welcome scholars and practitioners from diverse disciplines and research agendas. WIIS-Canada includes and advocates for Black, Indigenous, and other Women of Colour, as well as LGBTQ+, non-binary, and trans women working in global affairs.

Our efforts encompass endorsing avenues for professional growth, spearheading investigations into gender parity, and undertaking initiatives for policy involvement. Alongside these endeavors, we play host to significant gatherings and cultivate a network comprising influential mentors, advocates, specialists, and trailblazers.

Advocating for women in leadership roles holds unparalleled significance. We invite you to join or support our cause and contribute to the realization of a world characterized by parity and prospects for every individual.


Guiding Principles


Mentorship & Professional Development

We promote the next generation of leaders by providing early-career members with support across sectors through skills-building opportunities and partnerships with senior-level professionals. We offer resources, networks and peer-to-peer exchange to support members throughout their careers.


We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive space for scholars and practitioners from all racial, gender, sexual orientation and religious backgrounds. We are also focused on building a regionally representative membership drawing from communities across Canada, to ensure WIIS captures a range of backgrounds and perspectives.


We firmly stand against all systems of oppression, and we commit to being a part of the struggle to create a socially just and equitable world free of xenophobia, discrimination, systemic racisms, oppression, homophobia and inequality.


Find fellowship and support while navigating this space. You are not alone and this work cannot be completed alone.

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